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Following is a list of other websites which may be useful for more information about different subjects.dog and cat on computor

This website provides reliable and up-to-date animal health information and covers a very wide range of topics for all companion animals.


This is the official website for the New Zealand Kennel Club and is a good place to go for information on specific dog breeds or to find dog breeders.


This is the official website for the New Zealand Cat Fancy and is a good place to go for more information on specific cat breeds or to find cat breeders.


The official website for the New Zealand Veterinary Association which is generally used by registered veterinarians but may contain helpful information about the veterinary industry.


This website is the official New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association website which has information about becoming a veterinary nurse or information for qualified veterinary nurses.


This is the official website for Hills Pet Nutrition, which we stock in clinic. This website is good to find more information about specific Hills diets and includes information about Hills prescription diets.


This website has more information about the Eukanuba diets which we stock in clinic.


This website has more information about the Iams diets which we stock in clinic.


This website has more information about the Royal Canin diets which we stock in clinic.


This website has a survey which on completion, comes up with different breed recommendations for different lifestyles. The website could be a good place to start if you are unsure about which breed (cat or dog), may be a good fit for you or your family.


This is the website for Pet-n-Sur, a pet insurance company we recommend. They are 100% NZ owned and offer a free trial of their services. If you are interested in signing up, please contact the clinic.


This is the website for the clinic in Hamilton which covers our after-hours. They are a brand new clinic set up with all the equipment they need to deal with any emergency that may come through their doors.


This website has loads of information on feline arthritis. It has tips to help them out if they have been diagnosed with arthritis and symptoms they may show if they are suffering. It also has a very informative video to watch!


This website is similar to the one above but for dog owners. It has an online test to work through and also explains some treatment options. A very educational website on canine arthritis.


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