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Wild cats live up to 8 years with an average lifespan of 5 years. Stray dogs live up to 10 years with an average lifespan of 8 years. Our loved pets live much longer, but in their advanced years may suffer from age-related conditions. In many cases we can treat these problems to make these “old” years “happy” years and keep them younger, longer! The sooner problems are diagnosed, the sooner treatment is started and the more we can help!

 old age diseases

Regular checkups with your veterinarian will help detect any health problems early.
The earlier these problems are identified the more can be done to help.

This is where Cambridge Vets and the “Senior Pet Wellness Club” can help.
We can provide a more pro-active approach to senior animal care through an individualised wellness programme for your pet.

Registration is free and you are always in control. You can decide on how involved you would like to be and how much you get out of it. As a member, you can enjoy several benefits including:

  • Regular newsletters
  • Special discounts on certain products and services
  • A health care plan specifically designed to keep your pet as healthy as possible.
  • Individualised check-ups, reminders and follow-ups.
  • Opportunity to enter competitions and win prizes.
  • Being kept informed with the latest developments with new products and veterinary care.

Remember, pets age about 7 times faster than humans, so a trip to the vet once a year for your pet is like a trip to the doctors every 7 years for us.

senior pet club benefits

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