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Products for Flea & Worm Treatment


Advantage, applied once each month, kills fleas on your cat fast and breaks the flea life cycle.
Advantage is the fast, easy to use flea control for your pet.

Advantage® for Cats

Sizes: less than 4kg, over 4kg

Advantage® for Dogs

Sizes: less than 4kg, 4kg-10kg, 10kg-25kg, over 25kg


Protect your pet – inside and out. Advocate, a patented combination of Imidacloprid (from Advantage) and Moxidectin, is a break-through in the treatment of parasites in cats. Advocate treats and protects against the major parasites of your pet, inside and out.

Advocate® for Cats

Sizes: less than 4kg, over 4kg

Advocate® for Dogs

Sizes: less than 4kg, 4kg-10kg, 10kg-25kg, 25kg-50kg


Bravecto Plus - for Cats

Sizes: 1.2kg-2.8kg, 2.8kg-6.25kg, 6.25kg-12.5kg
3 months flea and tick protection with worming treatment for cats in one spot-on.

Bravecto chews - for Dogs

Sizes: 2kg-4.5kg, 4.5kg-10kg, 10kg-20kg, 20kg-40kg, 40kg-56kg
3 months flea and tick protection for dogs in one chew.

Bravecto - Spot on for Dogs

Sizes: 2kg-4.5kg, 4.5kg-10kg, 10kg-20kg, 20kg-40kg, 40kg-56kg
6 months flea and 4 months tick protection for dogs in one spot-on.

Drontal and Droncit

Drontal® Allwormer for Cats

Sizes: 4kg, 6kg
Drontal Allwormer for cats is recommended by veterinarians to control all intestinal worms in cats and kittens. Just one tablet every 3 months for adult cats is all it takes to keepworms under control in most adult cats.

Drontal® Allwormer for Dogs

Sizes: 10kg, 35kg
Proven and trusted complete gastrointestinal worm treatment for dogs.


Controls tapeworms in dogs Droncit is non-toxic and is well tolerated by dogs and cats.


Broad-spectrum Liver flavoured All-Wormer Tablets.

Endogard® Palatable All-Wormer

Sizes: up to 5kg cats & dogs, up to 10 kg dogs, up to 20 kg dogs, up to 35 kg dogs


FRONTLINE Plus kills fleas and ticks and controls biting lice on both cats and dogs.

Fast acting – Kills fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours.
Long lasting – Kills fleas for 6 weeks in cats and 2 months in dogs. Kills ticks for a month in cats and dogs.
Water resistant – Your pet can swim or be bathed as usual from 48 hours after application.
Integrated Flea Contron – Prevents the development of eggs, larvae and pupae – breaking the flea life at every stage. 

Frontline for Cats

Sizes: one size all cats

Frontline for Dogs

Sizes: upto 10kg, 10kg-20kg, 20kg-40kg, 40kg-60kg


Indorex Range

Aids in the control of adult fleas in carpets, furnishings and pets bedding; obtaining an average 85% control for up to 1 month. For 12 months flea larvae control: inhibits flea development with efficacy of 100% for 12 months after application.


With Seresto, one collar provides effective flea and tick protection for 8 months.

Seresto® flea and tick collar for Cats

Sizes: one size for all cats

Seresto® flea and tick collar for Dogs

Sizes: over 8kg, under 8kg

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