Our goal is to optimise animal health for improved farm profitability and job satisfaction

Our goal at Cambridge Vets is to assist our clients to maximise profit through optimal animal health.
For both commercial farms and lifestyle blocks we can help with health plans, routine jobs and emergencies.
We offer value through our experienced team with extensive knowledge in all areas of production animal medicine.

The dedicated Farm Animal team consists of six production animal vets.
We utilize up-to-date information, technology and equipment for the care of your animals and herds.

24/7 emergency care


Six Experienced Farm Animal Veterinarians

Excellent Knowledge of Farm Animals

Kelvin Scown – Product Manager

Call the the clinic today to talk to Kelvin to find out.

Farm Products

We stock a wide range of products

  • Drench
  • Calf powder and calf feed
  • Trace mineral supplements
  • Shoof products
  • Metabolics
  • Disinfectants and cleaning products

Facial Eczema Prevention

Method of Zinc Administration for Facial Eczema Prevention   Water Trough – 60% effective Dependent on Weather - on hot days cows will drink more Taste - Use a flavourant Other water sources -Cows will preferentially drink from “clean” water then dosed water troughs Cow production - Those that produce more will drink more Hierarchy - Dominant cows can “hog” the trough Evaporation DM intake Increasing supplementation results in cows drinking more water Feed – 70-80% effective Dependent on...


We will be sharing a few informative videos on BVD over the next few weeks

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