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Cattle Wormer


BLAZE is a water-based synthetic pyrethroid (SP) pour-on containing the active deltamethrin. Deltamethrin repels flies from landing, kills flies on contact and controls biting and sucking lice


An innovative dual-active pour-on for the treatment and control of internal and external parasites of cattle.


Matrix is the ultimate three way drench with unsurpassed efficacy against mixed infections of gastrointestinal parasites, including those with single or dual resistance to any of the three major drench families. Triple combinations have also been shown to significantly slow the development of drench resistance.


Dectomax long acting injectable Endectocide is a unique broad spectrum parasiticide for cattle, sheep and pigs of all ages. Dectomax is effective in killing internal and external parasites that can cause disease and limit production potential and provides long acting protection against reinfection

Sheep Wormer


Matrix Tape Hi Mineral is a triple combination for the treatment and control of tapeworm and internal parasites in lambs, including those with single or dual resistance to avermectin/milbemycin, benzimidazole or levamisole/morantel families


SCANDA controls internal parasites in sheep and cattle, including tapeworm in sheep. It is a short-acting white/clear dual combination oral drench


Zolvix Plus is a quarantine drench for sheep, it provides premium broad spectrum control of sensitive roundworms, including strains with single, double or triple resistance to white, clear, closantel and macrocyclic lactone drenches or their combinations.


Zapp Encore

For the knockdown and long-term control of body lice (Bovicola ovis) on all breeds of sheep and for treatment and protection against flystrike (including Lucilia cuprina) in coarse wool breeds of sheep.


Treatment of flystrike in sheep and protection against re-strike, and as a docking medication.


MAGNUM is the only IGR pour-on with a nil meat withholding period. Plus it is rainfast, so it can be used on wet sheep. MAGNUM prevents flystrike for a minimum of 8 weeks and provides 20 weeks lice control. With MAGNUM, you can get your stock away with no delay

Minerals / Vitamins


Rumensin™ is a scientifically-proven rumen modifier that improves the health and performance of dairy cows. Rumensin® works by improving the digestive efficiency of the rumen in converting feed into energy.



The new oral calcium supplement for prevention and treatment of milk fever. Palatable, easy to drench, gentle on the stomach. A water in oil emulsion of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride.


Dextrose 40% raises the blood carbohydrate levels and glycogen content in the liver, so is an ideal treatment for ketosis/acetonaemia. Dextrose 40% should be used when ketosis /acetonaemia is suspected in cattle

Starter Plus

A liquid feed supplement containing immediately available energy sources and additional calcium & magnesium. To be used at calving to provide an energy boost during a period of high demand.

Calform Phos

For the supplementation of phosphorus and calcium in dairy cows at times of increased demand.


Treatment of milk fever in cattle and sheep, and milk fever complicated by ketosis and grass staggers in cattle.


A sustained-release magnesium capsule to aid in the prevention of grass staggers (hypomagnesaemia) in cattle, particularly during the high-risk period associated with calving and lactation in the spring. Aids in the prevention of grass staggers for 9 – 12 weeks.


Treatment of milk fever and milk fever complicated by grass staggers, and as an aid in restoring normal appetite and blood glucose levels in cattle deficient in cobalt.


Treatment of milk fever and milk fever complicated by ketosis and grass staggers in cattle.

Oral Max

Aids in the treatment and prevention of milk fever and ketosis in cattle. Also for supplementation of dietary calcium when a deficiency may occur.