NEXT Puppy Pre-School Starts: Thursday 31st October

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Our Puppy Pre-school is a fun, educational five week course that focuses on socialising puppies of the same age.

We work to reduce the chance of behaviour problems such as aggression,
fearfulness, excitability and destructiveness.

To achieve this we use a training method called positive reinforcement where we reward good behaviour and redirect undesirable behaviour back towards what we do want to then earn the puppy more rewards.


Nurses Cindy and Megan run our Puppy Pre-School classes
  • Puppies aged between 7-14 weeks:
  • All puppies must have started their vaccination programme!
  • Max of 12 puppies per class – Applications remain pending until confirmed by either Cindy or Megan.
  • Five week course: Thursday evenings
  • Time: 5.30pm-6.30pm
  • At Cambridge Vets: 41 Empire Street (Corner of Empire and Alpha Streets)
  • $150 for the full five-week course ($50 deposit on booking non-refundable)
Contact us now to apply for our next Puppy Pre-School class.
  • Enrolment: Forms are available at the counter or phone (07) 827 7099 and ask for Cindy or Megan

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