Lifestyle Blocks

We can help with practical jobs such as bolusing, foot trimming, drenching and vaccinating, or by giving advice on any medical, nutritional, husbandry or health issue. Also – Time flies, and in a complicated world it can be easy to overlook an important routine job. We can help by formulating an Animal Health Plan for your herd or flock, producing either a wall calendar or providing an electronic reminder system. Covering routine preventative health issues, it will mean your herd health is maximized by:


  • Designing a worm drench program
  • Setting times to check mineral balance
  • Getting ready for mating
  • Diarizing vaccinations and boosters
  • Facial Eczema Prevention
  • Tailoring a trace element program to your farm

Vet Advisor: September

  • Mastitis and Feeding Carotene
  • Copper and Sheep
  • Mating
  • Repro Program
  • Ag Day Lambs
  • Covid Protocol - Level 2