Method of Zinc Administration for Facial Eczema Prevention


Water Trough – 60% effective

Dependent on

  • Weather – on hot days cows will drink more
  • Taste – Use a flavourant
  • Other water sources -Cows will preferentially drink from “clean” water then dosed water troughs
  • Cow production – Those that produce more will drink more
  • Hierarchy – Dominant cows can “hog” the trough
  • Evaporation
  • DM intake
  • Increasing supplementation results in cows drinking more water

Feed – 70-80% effective

Dependent on

  • Animal weights
  • Variation in what they eat – Fat cows eat everything
  • Wastage – Generally not accounted for
  • Pellets vs. loose – Powder sticks to the side of the silo
  • Feed wagon vs. mixer – Generally mixer is better
  • Feed company mixing – Formulation differs between companies
  • When to start and stop
  • In shed feeding – More consistent then feed pad

Drenching – 80% effective

Dependent on

  • Weight of animal – Can be quite variable in mixed breed herds
  • Start & stop timing
  • Drying off early

Bolus – 90% effective

Dependent on

  • Timing – When to start and stop, spore counting must be done
  • Weight of animal -Very important to dose to the correct weight particularly young stock
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