Neutering of Cats and Dogs

Neutering your pet, whether they are a male or female, is done on a daily basis all around the world and is a routine procedure that carries few complications. The main reason for neutering being carried out is for population control, and in this respect it has made a...

Facial Eczema Prevention

Method of Zinc Administration for Facial Eczema Prevention   Water Trough – 60% effective Dependent on Weather – on hot days cows will drink more Taste – Use a flavourant Other water sources -Cows will preferentially drink from “clean” water then dosed...
Covid-19 Update 😷

To our wonderful clients, we are working hard to keep you and our team safe during this current climate. Unfortunately, even with protocols in place, people are still being impacted by this illness and that includes our team. We are managing this the best we can but there are times when we are not fully staffed.

Please be advised there may be longer wait times, days where we cannot offer our full range of services, and changes to our usual hours. Please be patient with us.We may have to reschedule your appointment at short notice as we take care of our staff too. We are sure you will appreciate that we are working exceptionally hard to provide the best care for your pets.

Thank you for your understanding and we will keep you updated as we work through the next few weeks.

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